Barbra Streisand, Céline Dion - Tell Him (Official Video)

Celine Dion & Barbra Streisand - “Tell Him” (Official Video)

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I’m scared
So afraid to show I care
Will he think me weak
If I tremble when I speak
Oooh, what if
There’s another one he’s thinking of
Maybe he’s in love
I’d feel like a fool
Life can be so cruel
I don’t know what to do
I’ve been there
With my heart out in my hand
But what you must understand
You can’t let the chance
To love him pass you by
Tell him
Tell him that the sun and moon
Rise in his eyes
Reach out to him
And whisper
Tender words so soft and sweet
I’ll hold him close to feel his heart beat
Love will be the gift you give yourself
Touch him
With the gentleness you feel inside
I feel it
Your love can’t be denied
The truth will set you free
You’ll have what’s meant to be
All in time you’ll see
Oooh, I love him
Then show him
Of that much I can be sure
Hold him close to you
I don’t think I could endure
If I let him walk away
When I have so much to say
Tell him
Tell him that the sun and moon
Rise in his eyes
Reach out to him
And whisper
Tender words so soft and sweet
Hold him close to feel his heart beat
Love will be the gift you give yourself
Love is light that surely glows
In the hearts of those who know
It’s a steady flame that grows
Feed the fire with all the passion you can show
Tonight love will assume its place
This memory time cannot erase
Your faith will lead love where it has to go
Tell him
Tell him that the sun and moon
Rise in his eyes
Reach out to him
And whisper
Whisper words so soft and sweet
Hold him close to feel his heart beat
Love will be the gift you give yourself
Never let him go
#CelineDion #BarbraStreisand #TellHim

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    Velimatti RantaVelimatti Ranta6 саат мурун
  • What...exactly is wrong with Dion voice? We know....I do not thing she can sing, vinrato shaky, too dense...Bans,,,,, flawlwss..

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  • When perfection meets perfection. The mother and daughter that should have been. What a powerhouse these two women are

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  • Love will be the gift you give yourself❤❤❤

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  • Two goddesses singing. No one can enter their delicate bubble of sounds. We can only listen, and feel their genuine female connection.

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  • Team Celine, please unlock the videos for My Heart Will Go On (Live at BBMA), The Show Must Go On (Live at BBMA), The Power of Love (Live in Boston) (the version of the video with over 62 million of views) and All By Myself (From Through the Eyes of the World). These videos are not currently available for all countries. Why? As well as the video for It's All Coming Back To Me Now that they deprived for no logical reason.

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  • The sun and moon rise in your eyes I love you deeply from that first look until my last breath. I feel your heartbeat every moment of every day. We have been given the greatest gift of all. Thank you God 🙏

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  • This record came out when Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande were still changing diapers

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  • I love how unapologetically people sang about love back then. We don’t have that anymore

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    • Sad, isn't it?

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  • Sharing opinions with beautiful voices and clear lyrics

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  • od 3:50 do 4:35 to moje najpiekniejsze sekundy na YouTude ;-) dziękuje bardzo

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